Cup-Lock Scaffolding

Cup-lock cup mold scaffolding system is used as cup-front scaffolding or cup-lock formwork cup with cup. Some of the vertical and horizontal elements. The connection points from the bottom of the bowl, top of the bowl and almonds. Upper adjustment shafts with 4 ı four-way altı and mill U ini shafts are used to level the sub-shafts, slab and under-under plank to level the floor. The vertical elements are produced as standard with 48 * 3.0 mm standard and the horizontal elements with 48 * 2.5 mm TSE certificate and mechanical tests. Automatic arc welding machines are used in our production.

Product features

► The system is designed on the date of SAYHA according to your concrete slab formwork project.

► Vertical elements are produced as standard, 48 * 3 mm standard and horizontal elements 48 * 2.5 mm TSE Certificated, mechanically tested and manufactured from standard building.