Flanged Scaffold Application

What is the Difference of H Type Scaffolding with Wedge Flange?

Splined Flanged Type Scaffolding and H Type Scaffolding Differences;

Being a security scaffold;

Scaffold Flanged Type Scaffolding and H type scaffolding systems have the desired qualities.

Both systems are widely preferred and manufactured in the world. In our country, these two types of scaffolding are available. There are also cases of preference according to regional habits.

Wedge Flanged and H Pier are similar and have different directions.

Similar Aspects;

The same type and shape of the sheet metal (walking platform is used.)
The same type of ladder system is used.
The same type of building anchor systems are used.
The same type of base table and adjustment shafts are used.
Different Aspects;
H-type scaffolds with horizontal spacing max. When it is 250 cm, it is max. 300 cm.
H-type scaffolding is Ø34 mm with horizontal pipe diameters.
The cross-pipe diameters of H-type scaffolding are Ø42 mm and the Ø18 mm with flanged flanged scaffolding.
Vertical conveyors are produced in frame form in H-type scaffolding and vertical carriers are produced in tubular form with wedge flanged type scaffolding.
While H-type scaffolding is preferred as pin connection on frames, flanges are preferred in vertical pipe with flanged flange.
H-type scaffolding is rising up to 200 cm in the vertical scaffolding.
H-type scaffolding horizontal and diagonal pipe ends are crushed and crushed.

Advantages of H scaffolding;

The system consists of welded frames and can be mounted more quickly.
Horizontal and diagonal pipes are lighter and more practical.
There is no need to use a hammer in its assembly.
250 cm long walking platforms are lighter.
The system is more affordable.

Disadvantages of H Type scaffold;

When frames are dropped from height, they can cause miter failure.
Frames cover more volume during transportation.
Horizontal pipes can be bent more easily.

Advantages of Scaffold Flanged Type scaffold;
Since vertical pipes are weldless, they are lighter and more practical.
During transport, vertical and horizontal pipes do not occupy too much volume.
Since it is not in the shape of a frame in high throwing conditions, miter breakage is not possible.

More robust horizontal and diagonal pipes are used.
As long as 300cm long walking platforms are used, longer fronts can be closed.

The disadvantages of the flanged scaffold;

A hammer must be used during installation.
300 cm long walking platforms are heavier.
It is a more expensive system.