Security Scaffolding Systems

Security Scaffolding;
In our country, the traditional wooden scaffolding, iron-alloy scaffolding systems were largely passed. However, it was still not installed in the way it was supposed to be, and this led to security vulnerabilities.

Non-Standard Wooden Scaffolding Application Photograph

For example, the ladder system; because of the high cost of scaffolding companies, the most important products were not. You can imagine how the staff working at the pier climbed to the pier without stairs. Security was second in the pier.

Also, the platforms that should be used for the work were either not used at all or used from very inadequate and unsuitable materials. Heel system on the platform to prevent the loss of the foot out of the distance was never a bet.

Non-Standard Steel Scaffolding Application Photograph

For security at the short sides of the pier, the railing elements were not used at all, and on the long sides, they were using the standards in such a way that they could not be intermittently falling apart.

Max. heights were not calculated in terms of safety.

The scaffolds attached to the building with construction wires instead of wall fasteners were tried to be brought to the scale with bricks in place of the solid safe floor and the vertical elements placed directly on the floor with no base table ...

To eliminate these negative tables mentioned above and to develop a quality standard scaffolding system in the whole country, SAFETY SCAFFOLDING MODELS have been defined.

                                         Standard Safe Scaffolding Application Photo

These definitions have been implemented by the Turkish Standards Institute (EN 12810- 12811) by the Turkish Standards Institute as EN 12810- 12811. Strict inspections have been carried out by inspectors throughout the country, and the security scaffolding has become the most important agenda of the construction sector.