Telescopic Strut Poles

Telescopic Probs Systems

Telescopic prob is manufactured according to several types of sections and different working heights. They are very easy to use and the number of repetitions are very high. Working capacity, life and precision are at the top level. The yield of underfloor and beam underframe works is excellent.

Robust and long lasting ...

In our standard production; Inner pipes Ø 48,3 - 3 mm outer tubes Ø 60,3 - 2.5 mm, fine adjustment screw Ø 60,3 - 3 mm section. However, we also have special sizes, diameters and wall thicknesses. Pipes tested have TSE certificate and quality class is ST37.

Sfero casting fine adjustment screw is used. There are holes of Ø 10 mm in the base table produced by embossing method of telescopic posts (mast) 4 mm.

The ridge housings are made of 5 mm sheet, two types of flooring and under-beam. The adjustment screw part is welded to the external pipe by opening the chipless square teeth by the method of compression from the steel pipe according to the standards on the lathe or opened directly on the outer pipe. The coarse adjustment holes are opened to Ø 15 mm with automatic staples that work with the hydraulic system.

In the concretes to be poured at distances greater than 400 cm, the telescopic posts (mast) to be used under the mold must be connected to each other. Flanges added to the Inner or Outer pipe are mounted to each other at the desired height using horizontal elements to prevent possible buckling.

We also manufacture tripod feet (3 feet) that allow the telescopic stand to stand on its own.

Telescopic sewing can work in harmony with either steel or, if desired, wooden flooring patterns. Depending on the shape of the ridge, it can be easily used under the floor as well as under the floor.

The title 'U', titled 'T', 'Plain' and '4 Way' are produced as headers.

Standard dimensions for telescopic props;
Min / Max
175/300 cm Telescopic Strut [3,0m]
200/350 cm Telescopic Strut [3,5m]
225/400 cm Telescopic Strut [4,0m]
250/450 cm Telescopic Strut [4,5m]
275/500 cm Telescopic Strut [5.0m]
300/550 cm Telescopic Strut [5,5m]