Aluminum Scaffolding With Two-Piece Platform

Two-piece aluminum scaffoldings are available in many areas with their special joint system, easily adjustable, safe, light, easy to dismantle. The structure built on robust aluminum construction is reinforced with steel balancing feet.

Cross and horizontal connections made of iron pipes connect the main steps of the scaffold. Platform height and pier height can be adjusted every 100 cm. The lid on the platform which is climbed from the inside to the inside of the platform enables the personnel to reach the platform safely on the platform. The guardrails at the waist distance provide a safe environment for the personnel. On request, the platform can be offered by our company.

Hand tightened bakelite Hand bolts help to build your scaffold in a short time without using any tools. You can download and download the installation chart and the user manual from the documents link at the top.

Suitable for cleaning, maintenance, repair and construction activities in high ceilings, exterior facades, workplaces, gas stations, sports halls and showrooms. It has a wide usage area.